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Melanie Maddison

Soul Art

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About me

I am an artist, photographer, writer & intuitive facilitator. In my life I’ve been guided to illume the paths of art students (GCSE/A level), and those in the field of creative visual work or just those who like to dabble. My art is used as a tool to combine soulful exploration & illuminate inner reality, oftentimes an actuality we don’t see in our busy modern lives. I work with symbols, metaphor and archetypal patterns that all find themselves within the work of the psyche. Weaving together an expression of the deep sacred found in all of us.  


The images we create as artists are an expression of our inner state of play & allow us to discover our connection with a source beyond and through the every day and the richness of our inner world, the internal speaks to us visually. This connection, via the process of image making & artistry, is also a connection with and a window into the sub conscious. This intertwining aligns you with your creative gifts, deepening an inner world that can aid a form of acceptance of the very real work of being human! Art, as a form of soothing and knowing, animates a relationship to our hearts space, bringing a flow of awareness down from the cognitive “spaghetti” into our bodies and out of us visually.


In my embroidery work through canvas, I employ various techniques like I would a pencil or paint to create a drawn sketchy feel to my work. Often drawing on several cultural symbolic spiritual & mystical references, many of which have similar meanings universally like infinity, courage, protection and strength. I also create more intricately & richly embellished surfaces with rich jewel coloured images using, beads, real crystals, acrylic paint, varnish paints, kid leather and all manner of mark making materials. This symbolism and texture work, the methodical process involved in creating the images both aligns myself back to presence like a meditation & encourages others towards their own. I have fun with stitching and mark making, allowing each piece to talk with me, guide me to what needs to go next & knowing when its complete.


My photography work and writing is of a different quality entirely. This is where I use those mediums as if a journal. I allow what’s present to surface; to explore all emotions that arise, and all experiences that I meet in life. The writing is used a tool to extrapolate further into what the image has stated or to explore perhaps what hasn’t been seen or known before. Words then also become a visual on the interior of our perceptions and feelings.


My art life started very young & at school during lunch I couldn’t wait to get to the art studio, sewing machine or design lab. I explored many fields in art: graphic design, packaging design, fine art, textiles, printing & much more. All culminating in a Bachelor arts degree in three-dimensional design from the product and architectural school of Middlesex University 1994. My art & design life has continued to develop from there.


I reside in North London UK with two high-spirited young daughters & thankfully a very organized husband!! Right now I’m on a short sabbatical for 2017 as we rebuild a new family home, including moving my studio back from the end of a garden into the house (who doesn’t like being able to paint in their pajamas some days). By the end of the year I hope to be back up and running, ready to create a new painting collection and embark on some new live intimate studio workshops for women. The themes and times are yet to be announced, but they are set to be rich and rewarding for both the novice and the expert.


Check back on my                                   page for more details


Front shot

    I have found practical and sacred ways to work with my own dark adversity and "story" of powerlessness to bring me to my center.  In a constant act of awareness & returning – returning to that light filled place we all have. This light has helped me travail through many wellbeing journeys. The marks from and through that journey I make, are my gifts for you : I am a Warrior of the Wild but guided heart  & I have a feeling you are too.

This garden studio is no more, currently Im on a healthcare sabbatical! My studio is built and ready and waiting in my new home for new works to emmerge.


WATCH THIS SPACE for new products and art works this year.

at work in the studio Feb 2013
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