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Melanie Maddison

Soul Art

Intuitive -

Power animal guide Report

Love returned & Love seen!

Cat medicine

Testimonials : Words of love from previous offerings in 2014

Mama bear embroidery

"Have you ever had someone peek into your soul? That's the power of Melanie's gift. When I received my power animal reading from Melanie I was, quite simply, blown away.


She delivered amazing insight and understanding, wrapped with love and a purely glorious, powerful intuitive soul art sketch. Her words quenched my soul and her art was an intriguing blend of magic clarity. It's definitely something I'll treasure and refer back to for a very long time."


Tracey Selingo -  

"Melanie's intuitive insight is absolutely mind blowing! My power animal came through loud and clear! Melanie's incredible clarity of my power duck was absolutely spot on, it named every part of me that was about to shine, and the parts I need to let fear step aside and let shine bright!

Melanie's gifted creativity, artistic talent and beautiful spirit beams through her work like a shinning star! Working with Melanie is absolutely a powerful experience in which her insights held my hand to be brave enough to walk down a new path on a new journey in my life"


Christi Tedeschi -

"Melanie, the soul art you created for me is something that I have referred to many times when I need to feel grounded. The description that you created with my power animal was just perfect with where my journey is taking me right now and helps me get in touch with the energy I need to continue to move forward. Thank you so much!"


Marci Foster -

You have a wild creative mind, one that’s always evolving, always inquisitive and rich with divine knowledge at your core. I have climbed many personal mountains , with this experience I anchor & reflect back to you, in visions and words, your own otherworldly, symbolic. and perhaps unseen, but sensed supports. Once you choose to work with me, I connect with your unique inner self signature that is beyond time and space.

The Power Animal Guidance was a really beautiful experience. Melanie's vivid and heartfelt description of how my power animal came to her with its messages for me on our Skype session was delightful. It was a lovely space to have the opportunity to ask questions and gain further clarity. To my surprise, the report that followed was full of additional information, a real bonus to be treasured and re-read again and again.


Nicola Wilson -


I am called to be a torchbearer & reflection for others walking similar sacred paths, which means I know where you are; I can feel and see what you also have as potential, I am informed in a place of knowing ; I know that peace, wholeness & light is in the darkness of it all. I am given the gift of visual  & sublte world sense, which I use to weave into your unique souls signature and current archetypes at play.

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