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Melanie Maddison

Soul Art

Intuitive -

Butterfly Kachina

May 2012

A's Gallery 2012

My eldest daughter Albany (now 10yrs old) is a fearless little artist in the making. She will set herself a project and just go headlong into it ,no limitations , no fears, just present moment action. I am very inspired by her approach & it always amazes me.


She will often want to create something along the lines of what Im working on & last year taught herself some basic embroidery stitches.


In this space I will share with you some of her lovely work.


Every day she inspires me with her creativity and ability to give things a go.


Right now , Fimo sculpting ( AKA polymer clay for USA followers) has taken her eye and every week she creates masses of peices for me to bake en masse in the oven!!!

Albany Kocechi
Kokechi Close up
Doll close up
Fairy wing Jan 2012
wing close up

Fairy Wing


Heart close up
Albany heart design



Albany's own interpretation

original Kachina doll from Scottsdale

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